Welcome Dr.Sheetal Vilas Mapare from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology,India to be committee member!

Dr.Sheetal Vilas Mapare
Vidyalankar Institute of Technology,India

Research Area: 
Sensor Technology, Soil Nutrient measurements in Soil 

Research Experience:
Ph.D from Amravati University on Soil Nutrient measurements in Soil
Patent-Indian Patent Published on “Design of Electronic Sensor For In-Situ Monitoring of Soil”
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Sheetal Vilas Mapare and G G Sarate, “Phosphorous Detection In Water Using Electromagnetic Sensor, ICAMT 2016, IOP: Material Science and Engineering as journal.
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S.V. Mapare, Ankita Patil, Chetan Nawale, and Pranav Pawar, “Design of a Compact Broadband Micro-strip Antenna” Awarded the Best Paper of Session at International Conference EFITRA-2012 Sevagram, India, March 2012.
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